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Life has me by my neck currently,

One time I think I’m winning,

The next time I’m hyperventilating trying to breathe.

Life shows you its good side,

The next time life shows you a dead end.

High-key I wish we had a trailer of how our lives going to be

Suffering isn’t a rite of passage.

I didn’t claim it. I don’t want it.

May the universe transpire for us all.

Life! No more abeyance!


To whoever reading this, heal from your past.

Heal from the bitterness that sits in your heart.

Don’t rub your negative energy on someone then blame them that they can’t handle you at your lowest moment. That’s toxicity. You’re toxic. Heal.

Hear me out;

Don’t have high hopes on your relatives. They will only show up for you during your burial preparations.

Dead end?

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Tubes running into your body

Syringes have made you numb

You bite your thumb

The results are crystal clear

This can’t be cured

But a friend is out there praying

For a healthy life

You cringe on the thought

You tear a little

But she gives you hope

And undying love

Yet, you’re literally dying.

*Closes eyes*

Be kind

The world would be the heaven we talk about if everyone would be kind to everyone. People are out there fighting different battles with scars in their hearts and wearing fake smiles in public. Just because you see a stranger out there looking happy doesn’t mean they probably don’t cry themselves to sleep at night.

You see that janitor, be kind to him. You see that CEO, be kind to him. Kindness cost you nothing. Don’t be a pain in the ass to someone just because one is a pain in the ass to you. Serve them kindness. One day they will realize how stupid they were. Remember, the universe will always transpire for you.

Be human. To everyone. It begins with you and I. Be kind.

My strange stranger

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“Why are you still wearing your mask? She asked over the matatu’s loud music. She was loud enough. A stench of alcohol came from her mouth. Not a bad one. Just enough for someone to kiss her lips and taste the alcohol to understand if it was whiskey, vodka,spirit or anything alcoholic. ” The masks aren’t mandatory anymore. Look! The whole bus you’re the only one with a mask on.” She continued irritated.

I only smiled under my mask. Yes. My nostrils are strong enough to detect change of air in the environment I am in. She leaned closer, “remove your mask at least I see your whole face.” I was reluctant but eventually, I did. I smiled looking at her. She smiled back and gave me a short accolade.

“I like your smile. What’s your name?” She asked.

“I am N. You?”

“I am P. Where are you from?”

“I’m from Roysambu headed to town.”

She laughed.

“I mean, where do you live?”

“Oh my bad. I stay in Ruai. That’s my home place. I’m headed there right now. What about you?”

“I live in Muthaiga, but my hometown is in the heart of Nakuru.”



She then continued, “How old are you?”

“Give a guess. Only one guess.”

“At most you look 24 years.”

I giggled. Guys, I’m out here asking myself, “How young do I look?”

Back to the story …

“Well, you’re wrong. I’m 29.”

She couldn’t believe it. She was shocked. “Lies. Show me your ID.”

She looked at it then looked at me. I think she was comparing my age and my face.

“Hey, we are almost Muthaiga. You should be alighting.” I said.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll alight at Pangani. I’m 23.” She said more like a whisper.

Women lie about their age. Believe what they tell you, but don’t take it to the bank. Okay? Right.

Pangani. She didn’t alight. Now, we are in CBD, Nairobi.

“Wait for me.” She said behind my back as I was alighting.

It’s drizzling a little.

“I bet you have a wife and maybe 1 or 2 kids.”

“Neither. Love is for the birds.”

“Then, I’m your bird. Marry me. Take me home with you.”

At this juncture, I’m blaming the alcohol. She’s grinning like a kid her hand stretched out for me to put an imaginary ring. Gosh!

“You’re giving me the wrong hand,” I finally said.

“I don’t believe you’re 29. And if you’re, I’m sure you have a mistress somewhere.”

“I think I’m not a marriage person. I am not looking for anyone. I just want to be happy and contented.”

“You’ve found me. Actually, you’re a bad boy.”


“I was to alight at Muthaiga, but here I am, in town, with you, and I don’t feel like letting you go. Let’s go on date stranger. You’re interesting in a way.”

“Yooh P, it’s 9:30 pm. Can we plan an actual date?”

“Okay. Take my number.”

She snatched my phone I thought she would run. I was ready to chase her. I was raised in these streets of Nairobi. Either way, she only put the number down and called her phone. “I’m pretty sure you couldn’t have saved my number or even called me.”

Somehow, she was right. She πŸ‘Š me 3 times, gave me a peck (I didn’t expect it) and whispered, “You’re my strange stranger. You owe me date. I already like you, and your scent.”

Off, I strolled. Exhilarating.

What a beautiful evening.


Earlier today I told my baby brother he’s smelling sweat and this bastard has been smelling my armpits ‘privately’ every time we collide. This nigga thinks he will catch me and use it on me forever. I’m beating him in his own gameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

*Hits blunt*

Why is that Good Friday and Easter Monday appears on the same dates but our birthdays appear differently on the seven days of the week?

Why is that dogs can understand human language but when it barks we don’t understand a thing? Maybe dogs are more intelligent than us.